I created illustrated assets for a game app named The League of Extraordinary Bloggers, developed for the Boston Children's Museum to help kids ages 8-12 learn about 4 countries in Asia. Learn more and download the game here.
I created the logo and illustrated assets for a promotional game app called Glyco Ninja. Learn more and download the game here.
Glyco Ninja
Illustrations for the web/data hosting company Akliz Inc, each incorporating the Akliz logo.
Always on
Your size
Various scientific and technical illustrations.
A series on US National Parks I've visited. Each piece incorporates the map and name of the park.
Poster design for the musical HAIR.
A series of pieces depicting an imaginary city called the Abecedarium. Originally I planned to do 26 of these but I only ever got as far as N...
Fanart for various TV shows and er, sports that I like :)
5 very small comics.