Oasis PRiME promotion

Internal company promotion for launch of a new product named Oasis PRiME. We played off the name's similarity to the Transformer Optimus Prime and created a piece in the shape of the Transformer truck. Once fully opened, recipients found a small toy inside, along with information about the new product.

This direct mail piece mimicked the packaging for the Oasis product, but folded out to reveal messaging for a new product line.

Print collateral

Printed with spot dull + spot gloss varnishes throughout.

Annual reports for The Home for Little Wanderers, a child and family services nonprofit.

Print collateral for The Home for Little Wanderers' $23 million capital campaign over the course of 2011-2013.

I love the process of making infographics. Telling a story through data and usefully visualizing it (pet peeve: infographics where they just make all the numbers really big) can be a time-consuming challenge, but one of my core interests is taking complex concepts and distilling them into visuals.